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欢迎使用 Svelte 参考文档! 这是为那些已经对 Svelte 有一定了解并希望了解更多有关使用它的人提供的资源。

Welcome to the Svelte reference documentation! This is intended as a resource for people who already have some familiarity with Svelte and want to learn more about using it.

如果你(还)不是这样,你可能更愿意在查阅本参考资料之前先访问 互动教程示例。 你可以使用 REPL 在线尝试 Svelte。 或者,如果你想要一个功能更齐全的环境,你可以在 StackBlitz 上尝试 Svelte。

If that's not you (yet), you may prefer to visit the interactive tutorial or the examples before consulting this reference. You can try Svelte online using the REPL. Alternatively, if you'd like a more fully-featured environment, you can try Svelte on StackBlitz.

开始一个新项目(Start a new project)

我们推荐使用 SvelteKit,Svelte 团队的官方应用框架:

We recommend using SvelteKit, the official application framework from the Svelte team:

npm create svelte@latest myapp
cd myapp
npm install
npm run dev

SvelteKit 将处理调用 Svelte 编译器.svelte 文件转换为 .js 文件,创建 DOM 和 .css 文件来设置其样式。 它还提供构建 Web 应用所需的所有其他部分,例如开发服务器、路由、部署和 SSR 支持。 SvelteKit 使用 Vite 来构建你的代码。

SvelteKit will handle calling the Svelte compiler to convert your .svelte files into .js files that create the DOM and .css files that style it. It also provides all the other pieces you need to build a web application such as a development server, routing, deployment, and SSR support. SvelteKit uses Vite to build your code.

SvelteKit 的替代品(Alternatives to SvelteKit)

如果你出于某种原因不想使用 SvelteKit,你也可以通过运行 npm create vite@latest 并选择 svelte 选项来将 Svelte 与 Vite 一起使用(但不使用 SvelteKit)。 这样,npm run build 将在 dist 目录中生成 HTML、JS 和 CSS 文件。 在大多数情况下,你可能还需要 选择路由库

If you don't want to use SvelteKit for some reason, you can also use Svelte with Vite (but without SvelteKit) by running npm create vite@latest and selecting the svelte option. With this, npm run build will generate HTML, JS and CSS files inside the dist directory. In most cases, you will probably need to choose a routing library as well.

或者,有 适用于所有主流 Web 打包器的插件 来处理 Svelte 编译 — 这将输出 .js.css,你可以将它们插入到 HTML 中 — 但大多数其他人不会处理 SSR。

Alternatively, there are plugins for all the major web bundlers to handle Svelte compilation — which will output .js and .css that you can insert into your HTML — but most others won't handle SSR.

编辑器工具(Editor tooling)

Svelte 团队维护着 VS Code 扩展,并且还与各种其他 编辑器 和工具集成。

The Svelte team maintains a VS Code extension and there are integrations with various other editors and tools as well.

寻求帮助(Getting help)

不要羞于在 Discord 聊天室 中寻求帮助! 你还可以在 Stack Overflow 上找到答案。

Don't be shy about asking for help in the Discord chatroom! You can also find answers on Stack Overflow.

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